Rules of accommodation
in Best Apartments Odessa

We welcome you in our apartments!

We are glad that you have become our customers and we hope to justify the trust you have shown. Let the time spent with us leave the most pleasant impressions. Here you can feel yourself as at home! 

We try to make every guest comfortable.Therefore, we have developed special rules that allow you to maintain a friendly and cozy environment, and help to maintain the necessary order for guests to relax.

of residence

Check-in time: from 14:00 Departure time: until 12:00

Upon arrival, you have to pay an insurance deposit in the amount of 1 day rental of apartments. Payment is in cash. You will receive the amount of deposit you paid in time of check out. After checking the condition of the apartment and handing over the keys, the deposit will be fully refunded in cash.

By booking our apartments, the customer confirms that he agrees with these rules.
Violation of the rules of accommodation may result in denial of residence, non-return of the full cost of paid rent and early forced eviction.

  • Staying at the apartment, guests are required to provide to apartment owners or their representatives with their passports for registration and pay the full rental price for the entire period of stay.
  • Severe alcoholic intoxication or inadequate guest behavior may serve as a reason for refusing to provide apartments.
  • In the apartment it is forbidden to make parties and make noise from 22:00 to 8:00 (include loud music, scream, etc.). You need to respect the peace of the neighbors. If you come back very late, try to make as little noise as possible, do not slam the doors and do not ring the bell. Soundproof panels are installed in all our apartments, however it is necessary to combine your rest with the rest of your neighbors. Any inconvenience caused to neighbors due to noise, parties or other reasons, which became the basis for complaints, will be punished by levying a deposit, and you will have to leave the apartment.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the apartment!!!!! In cases when in the apartments will be found cigarette butts and/or it will be obvious that you smoked in the apartment, the company reserves the right to charge a fine of 200 (two hundred) Euros for cleaning, processing and airing the premises (or covering the cost of restoring the apartments).
  • Pets are not accepted under any circumstances.
  • If there are any shortcomings and problems in the apartment, the guest should immediately notify the owner or his representative about it.
  • The owner of the apartment is not responsible for the safety of things and jewelry left in the apartment. All apartments are equipped with safe-boxes for valuables. When leaving the apartment guests should close the door with a key and do not leave the windows opened.
  • The owner or his representative has the right to enter the apartment in the absence of guests when this is caused by the need to eliminate technical problems, prevent the occurrence of danger or damage. In their presence, guests are required to provide the owner or his representative the opportunity to enter the apartment to verify the safety of the apartment, furniture and checking the compliance of the number of people living in accommodation.
  • Unauthorized persons who are not registered guests are not allowed to stay in the apartment. If the apartment reveals the presence of unauthorized persons whose presence was not previously agreed upon, the owner of the apartment has the right to refuse accommodation to all guests.
  • It is not allowed to bring weapons, flammable and explosive substances, as well as substances with intense and unpleasant odor, cooking appliances (heaters, etc.) or other electrical equipment and fans to the apartment, it is forbidden to make any noise, sound and lighting effects.
  • Guests are required to protect the apartment, take care of furniture and equipment. It is not allowed to take out furniture, equipment and towels from the apartment. Use of equipment and apparatus that are not part of the offer for these apartments (brazier, etc.) is allowed only with the consent of the owner.
  • For spoiled towels or bed linen, a fee is charged corresponding to their cost (stains from coffee, wine, beer, chocolate, berries, lipstick, ink and other difficultly washable substances).
  • The disappearance of any item from the apartment will entail the payment of its value.
  • When leaving the apartment, the guest should turn off the lights, electrical appliances, close the gas and turn off the water. Do not leave the air conditioner on and use it with open doors and windows. Do not throw waste into the toilet.
  • It is forbidden to leave bags of rubbish at the entrance to the building and in the entrance. There are garbage cans next to each building.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will cause the withdrawal of the security deposit in full or in part. If complaints are received from neighbors, and if they are repeated, the company reserves the right to evict guests, regardless of the time of day, without the right to refund and compensation.

A customer who intentionally or unintentionally will cause material damage to the apartment must compensate the damage completely.

Dear guests! We understand the needs of our customers.

Please follow the rules of the company «Best Apartments Odessa» and you can feel yourself at home. We do our best to make your accommodation comfortable.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


All our apartments are equipped with secure reinforced doors.
For your safety it is very important to close the apartment door to the castle when you leave and come.

In case of loss of keys, the guest pays compensation for changing of the lock, for this reason we recommend to be very attentive.

Check if you took the key before going out.

The company «Best Apartments Odessa» is not responsible for your personal belongings left in the apartment.

In addition, it is important that strangers do not go into the apartment itself.

We ask that you make sure that the front door is always closed (without a key) when you go in and out.

The last important advice: be vigilant with your personal hanging: and (bags, wallets, cameras, etc.) in places of large crowds. Odessa is not a dangerous city, but it will never be superfluous to be on the alert.

We wish you a pleasant rest!

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